Workshop ~ CLICK THAT SIT!!

  • More and more dog guardians are discovering the benefits of clicker training!

    Join us on November 6th for an evening of interactive learning!  We’ll be discussing what clicker training is, how it works and why it can provide great benefits to your training regime.  Even if you’re already using marker training, join us to brush up on your skills and maybe learn something you didn’t already know.

    We have 6 working spots available for those that would like to bring their dog.  Please note, your dog must be able to remain calm either with you or in a crate during discussion.  If you’re joining us to observe, not to worry, you’ll get to have some fun too!

    This night will be informative, interactive, and FUN!

    Please contact  prior to registering for a working spot to make sure space is still available.  There are no limits on auditing spots.


    Click That Sit-2